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Private Training

Session Rate:  $170 (60-minute in-person)*

*Typically a customized in-person private training plan requires a commitment of 4 sessions 

Puppy Package: Start your new puppy off on the right paw. Including basic obedience, applying basic obedience skills as part of everyday life, developing a knowledge of appropriate intercanine interactions, recall, touch desensitization, bite inhibition and proper manners in a public area.  (4 Sessions)

Customized Training for Unruly AdolescentsIncluding Basic Obedience and using those skills as part of everyday life. Also, teaching the skills necessary to raise a polite dog, in the home (with family members and guests) and in public areas (in the presence of people and other dogs).  

Customized Behavior Modification Training:  Targeted Behaviors (i.e., Separation Anxiety, Fear Based Behaviors, Destruction of Environment, Barking, and Canine/Interspecies Acclimation, and more.... 

Small Terrier
Private Training: Text
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